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Strategic Advisory Services

Sera’s investment banking and private markets professionals work seamlessly together to offer a comprehensive range of advisory and capital solutions to help our clients achieve their key strategic and capital objectives.

Our highly qualified team brings together investment banking expertise, real-time private markets insights, longstanding senior level relationships, and global reach to provide unique and tailored strategic advice that meet the business, financial and operational goals of our clients. We offer a full spectrum of strategic advisory services targeting private markets solutions for both public and private companies and asset managers across sectors and strategies.

Tailored Approach

We develop solutions specifically tailored to the needs and goals of each client that focuses on supporting and developing the future growth of your business and maximizing value.

Trusted and long-term partnerships

Over the course of their careers, the Sera team has established and nurtured valued partnerships across an extensive global network.

Drive business growth and economics

Our deep understanding of business growth dynamics and the economic forces that shape them provides a unique perspective from which to assess capabilities and potential, gain insight and validate and refine strategies.

Business Development Initiatives

Evaluation of managers for acquisition, new business lines, asset sectors, platforms, and portfolio opportunities to enhance growth, add investing capabilities and/or product range, we help clients devise new strategies and assess the viability of build vs. acquisition.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships

Through our global, fully integrated team and our extensive network and longstanding relationships with leading US domestic and international institutional investors, we help clients find and negotiate successful, long-lasting capital partnerships. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide strategic capital solutions and real-time private markets pricing, underwriting and execution advisory services for corporate and portfolio recapitalizations across a broad range of sectors, strategies, and geographies.

Senior Strategic Advisory Services Team

Damien Smith

Managing Partner

Strategic Advisory

James Park


Investment Banking & Liquidity Solutions I Strategic Advisory

Matthew White


Investment Banking & Liquidity Solutions I Strategic Advisory

William Sprott

Executive Director

Investment Banking & Liquidity Solutions I Strategic Advisory

Max Gailor