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Strategic Advisory Services

Sera’s strategic advisory services focus on supporting and developing the future growth of your business. We develop solutions specifically tailored to the needs and goals of each client.

Our uniquely qualified team are assembled from some of the world’s leading investment management and advisory firms to augment your resources. We advise on strategic growth opportunities including designing new product solutions and targeted strategic buyside advice to help grow and expand investment offerings.

Trusted and long-term partnerships

Over the course of their careers, the Sera team has established and nurtured valued partnerships across an extensive global network, closely collaborating to drive mutual success.

Drive business growth and economics

Our deeper understanding of business growth dynamics and the economic forces that shape them provides a unique perspective from which to assess capabilities and potential, gain insight and validate and refine strategy.

Scalable development and distribution

Through our extensive institutional and private wealth product development experience and expertise across a variety of distribution channels, we are uniquely positioned to help clients create scalable products and investment platforms.

Product development

Product development services are tailored to each client’s needs and ambitions utilising a variety of structuring solutions to access institutional and private wealth channels.

Strategic advice

Strategic advice tailored to asset managers seeking growth; helping devise new strategies and assessing the viability of build vs. acquisition.

Business development initiatives

Buy-side evaluation of managers, new business lines, asset sectors, platforms and portfolio opportunities to enhance investing capabilities and/or product range.

Senior Strategic Advisory Services Team

Damien Smith

Managing Partner

Strategic Advisory

James Park


Strategic Advisory | Investment Banking & Liquidity Solutions | Real Estate

Matthew White


Strategic Advisory | Investment Banking & Liquidity Solutions | Real Estate

William Sprott

Executive Director

Strategic Advisory | Liquidity Solutions & Asset Manager M&A

Eric Krusiewicz

Vice President

Strategic Advisory | Asset Manager M&A